360 Approach

Our Challenge

360MVP Fortifies the well-being and resilience of our Military’s first-line leaders, the backbone of our Military, our Non-Commissioned (NCO) Corps. These leaders are the first identifiers and first responders responsible for the well-being of our Nations Treasure: America’s sons and daughters who have volunteered to support and defend our great nations constitution.

Life can be hard, it can be especially difficult in our Military. Our Military does an incredible job making your young Americans tactically and technically proficient to perform the specific role in the broader context of fighting and winning our nations wars, but is ill equipped to equip these young leaders with the ‘life’ Skills necessary to make them resilient, engaged empathetic leaders that are holistically- mind, body, spirit, and financially – Strong.


Strong young leaders are the key to decisively changing our military culture to make military service the place to serve, grow and lead the way our nation rightfully expects it to be. Free of toxic leadership, excessive substance abuse, unacceptable rates of sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence and suicide.

360MVP delivers the life changing Leader 360 course to active-duty military leaders to equip them with life skills. The Leader 360 course is a dynamic, experiential learning, holistic, integrated resilience program with significant statistical evidence that it makes a real difference in the lives of our most important military leaders.  Leaders that can drive organizational culture change to make our Military as strong as we expect it should be. In turn, our military returns to society, veterans that have had a positive military experience and are equipped, along with their families to be productive citizens and model military veterans.

360MVP beyond the leader 360 Course provides sustainment services to promote and foster personal growth and fortify the service of each of its members.

Why we are different

The life-changing Leader 360 Course is the only integrated resilience program supporting the DOD that has externally evaluated statistically significant evidence that it makes a difference. As more resilient and 360 Strong: mind, body, spirit, relationship and financially fit people we create individuals better equipped to lead. The course delivers only evidence -based content and is instructed by PhD level experts in their respective fields along with combat experienced military leaders.

Our Impact

The leader 360 course has been proven to improve sleep, improve well-being and reduce psychopathology. 360MVP’s Leader 360 Course uniquely targets the individual with “life skills’ to make each student the best possible versions of themselves. Additionally, we improve relationships and financial fitness – Making our Strong NCOs Stronger! 360MVP Members say: “360 saved my relationship”, “Saved my career”, “Saved my life”, and “Equipped me to save my Soldier’s life!”